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paint doodals ^^ wit-h-with the left over mixed paints and such.

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Sungwon (Seoul, Korea, Republic of) - Blue Girl series, 2013    Drawings: Ink, Gouache, PS

She asks them, “Why am I blue? Why am I the only one?”

(Source: behance.net)

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k i m o n o   t o t a l e rosa für die Seideblau für die Handarbeitbrown für die erderost für die passionpeppermint für die Popart


k i m o n o   t o t a l e
rosa für die Seide
blau für die Handarbeit
brown für die erde
rost für die passion
peppermint für die Popart

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/ einfach reinhalten – tut nich weh /
( just put your hand in it – doesn’t hurt )

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I pottery-painted again! (although, yes, I’m highly conscious that I’ve never posted the past pottery I made)

I actually made a plate that supposed to be used for cakes or pizza but whatever everybody loves meat ( well, actually..)



overlord plate! prepare the meat!

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