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Movie: Lucy

"What happens when she reaches 100%?"

edit: The film is called Lucy.

Quote is found in the trailer and Morgan Freeman’s character responds with, “I don’t know.”

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character doodles (pink and manmade glob#3) From the stream!
and a fan crud for teriblxxx sensei! w/wo color 

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Here’s a test gif of a sequence from Jesse’s storyboard (reblogging without the repellant grey square).


Here’s a test gif of a sequence from Jesse’s storyboard (reblogging without the repellant grey square).

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Here are two major character designs that I felt compelled to clean up and re-draw because I was so pleased with them. They’re from a story of mine called “R.E.M” which centers around a detective tracking a murder through dreams. 

The gal at the top is Duchamp, and in the story she’s the queen of the dream-realm and ruler of everything in it. She’s intensely whimsical and silly as one would imagine and makes light of most situations, telling jokes to distract or cheer people up. She exists exclusively in the world of dreams but has absolute power there, able to change and twist around whatever or whoever she wants. Her own body is an even stranger anomaly itself (even as far as dreams are concerned). 

The fellow under her is Ulysses and he’s the half-human, half-dream son of Duchamp, and the prince of the dream realm as such. His mixed lineage comes from the fact that years ago Duchamp hooked up with an unnamed human male. He’s a stark contrast to his silly and care-free mother, as he works a job, pays taxes, and very much considers himself an “adult’. He can be easily stressed though, and he’s not yet managed to coax the identity of his human father out of his mother, to his frustration. 

Together they balance each other out, and also serve to teach each other valuable things along the course of the story.

Man I really love parent/child OCs.

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So the private view is done with! But lots to prepare for still with next month’s CAR PARK SHOW in London.
Meanwhile here are some quick drawings I did for our Brighton show shop. Go have a look at all the great work if you’re about! It’ll be on til the 12th.

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Anonymous asked: What mangas do you read/ reccamend?


uhh well right now I’m keeping up with:
onepunch man, berserk, JJBA, hajime no ippo, gintama, ultra heaven, dorohedoro, HxH more crud.

Id RECOMMEND any of those or~ gantz, deathnote, oparts hunter/666satan, psyren, katekyo hitman reborn.
asdfgh you can’t go wrong with anyv of these depending on your tastes. (except some slow/stereotypical openings + a few have cut-corner endings because production cuts- but still worth a read i think) 

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I need to just straight up invest in making an anime blog,
cuz iv’e seen and read so much since day 1, I can’t physically express it here without corrupting the general premise of this blog =I 

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don’t you hate it when an artist posts something and they’re like “working on a doodle” and you’re like “FUCK OFF, THAT LOOKS 20x BETTER THAN ONE OF MY FINISHED PIECES YOU COCKSUCKER”

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Venture Bros Soundtrack - Assclamp!

"They hit me with a truck."

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